If you are a social worker, a charitable organisation, or just someone who wants to raise money to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people, check out these 10 ideas that can help you host a unique fundraiser event for your cause, whatever it may be.

1. Sky Lantern Festival

Sky Lantern Sendoffs are slowly becoming one of the most popular events to happen, especially on starry nights. With a charitable cause behind it, people would love to attend such an event that will give them an aesthetic night away from the buzz of the city for a good cause. Part or full proceeds from the entry fee or the amount that you will charge for the lantern itself will be the money raised for your cause.

2. Stage Play

If you have good connections with people from the theater community, you can definitely organise a stage play with actors who are willing to take time out of their schedule for a cause. This would attract a significant theater loving crowd, especially the community, and the proceeds from their tickets can be used for your cause.

3. Art Exhibition

A small scale art exhibition showcasing artworks of up and coming artists, and those who are looking for opportunities to show their art to the world, is also a pretty unique way of raising money for your cause while providing a platform for these new artists as well. Their artwork can also be put for auction, the earnings of which can add on to your proceeds.

4. Bake Sale

You can never go wrong with a bake sale. Like-minded local bakers would definitely love to participate with little or no fee. It can be done at an open ground venue or a hotel, or during a festival where a large influx of people is guaranteed.

5. Outdoor Film Screening

An outdoor film screening is a cost-effective and entertaining way to ensure high attendance for your fundraiser. An open terrace or ground that can accommodate 50-100 people and a projector is essentially what you require to host it. The entry fee as well as the charges on food and drinks can be the sources for your charity proceeds.

6. Online Competitions

If you’ve got a social media page with quite a lot of followers, then this could be a quick and easy way to raise some money. You can ask your followers to enter into a competition, such as a photography or art contest, where they would have to pay a fee for entering it. The best entries, which could be voted on by followers, can get a shout out on your page or a gift from you.

7. Sports Tournaments

A sport tournament for charity is also one of the most popular ways to raise money for your cause. Depending upon the location where you are planning to host this event, you can select the most popular and played sport and charge an entry fee for each team that wants to register. There can also be an audience fee, and all these proceeds can be forwarded towards your cause.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Another unique fundraiser idea is to host a scavenger hunt and charge for entry for each team entered. The competition can be made more complex and interactive by integrating the game with technologies like AI apps, which will give the hunt a more ‘Pokemon Go’-like touch, or even QR scan apps.

9. Silent Disco

Not only is a silent disco a unique take on parties, which is slowly gaining popularity worldwide, but it is a great way to collect a good amount of money for your cause. This is a great idea if you have got sponsors that can provide with suitable headphones and a space to host the party.

10. Flea Markets

Flea markets can pose a bit of a challenge as a fundraising event, but with the right amount of sponsorship, you can host a successful fundraiser as these kind of events usually bring larger footfall.

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