Kerala is always forward in providing for the community, which is often taken as an example by everyone else. Here is a list of some NGOs from the state that everyone should be aware about:

1. Mitraniketan

Inspired by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and other imminent personalities of the world, Mitraniketan’s founder Mr. K Viswanathan created this non profit project in 1956 to help rural communities break the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities. Over the decades, this NGOs impactful work in community development individual empowerment has created a difference in numerous lives.

2. Adarsh Charitable Trust

Started as a day center in 1998 with just 7 children, Adarsh Charitable Trust has now become one of the most well known organisations in Kerala for the differently abled. Their goals include helping those affected by disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disorders and more, by inducing programs and training to help their disability factors reduce and build up their social interaction levels and confidence. In the last 20 years, around 79 students left Adarsh to pursue their studies in mainstream schools.

3. Wayanad Girijanaseva Trust

The Wayanad Girijanaseva Trust was started in 2002 by 3 individuals whose primary goal was to create educational opportunities for the tribal community of the Wayanad district. Their decision to start the trust came after they talked to the local adivasis, and learned of the atrocities faced by the community, the economic and social insecurity, as well as lack of opportunity to come out of their situation. They started a school called Vivekananda Residential Tribal Vidyalaya, which focused on academics and imparting prospective job skills such as tailoring, embroider, bamboo crafting and computers.


The Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement (RASTA), is an NGO that started in Wayanad, Kerala in 1987 as a small traditional voluntary organization. RASTA focuses on 2 main things, i.e. marginalized people like indigenous communities, small & marginal farmers and women & children, and preservation of the environment. Over the past 28 years, RASTA has tirelessly worked towards its goals of creating a more just and peaceful society based on social justice, egality, equity and ecological awareness through the socio-economic development of rural areas in southern India.

5. Queerala

Started as a Facebook support group in Kerala in the year 2012, Queerala is one of the LGBTIQ organisations in India, formed for the support of Malayali queers. Their mission is to create a safe space and provide support to the individuals coming out, as well as creating continuous awareness in order to sensitise the society and media on LGBT Human Rights. Apart from that, they also provide a platform for their members to publish their art & literature as well as organise events and community gatherings.

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