If you are a person who wants to give back to the community and is looking for such opportunities, check out this curated list of NGOs in Kochi that you can volunteer at.

1. Make A Difference

Make A Difference (MAD) is one of the most well known Indian NGOs, which was formed in the year 2006. Their main goal is to ensure better life outcomes for the children in orphanages and shelters across India, through their carefully strategised volunteering models, where bright and dedicated individuals are given the opportunity to either teach, be a mentor or fundraise as a volunteer for the children who require care and protection.

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2. TAOS – The Art Outreach Society

The Art Outreach Society provides a platform to show how creativity can transform lives, can connect people from across the world and create positive change. Their mission is directed towards promoting art education, using art as a method of emotional healing and facilitating communal and social understanding through art.

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3. Belong Foundation

The Belong Foundation is a network of volunteers that are working to create social equity by developing the community through its most important asset, i.e. the children. Their volunteers are committed to serving the role of a mentor or teacher in order to provide the children in need of support the best possible chance to lead a better life. The volunteers joining the foundation will be trained by professional teachers in various fields such as Math, English, Science, Social Science, etc.

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4. Theruvoram

Theruvoram is an NGO which was founded by Murukan S Theruvoram, a social worker, in the year 2007. The main mission of the organisation is for the rehabilitation of street people in not only Kochi, where it is headquartered, but also all over Kerala,. In the past few years, Theruvoram had been in service without accepting fund or grants from the Government and public as well. Theruvoram aims to reach out to the marginalized groups of children and old age individuals to provide support in terms of shelter, medical facilities, repatriation, sponsorship, emotional support and guidance.

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5. HelpAge India

HelpAge India is one of the leading NGOs of India, that offer volunteering opportunities in Kochi as well. Their mission since their conception has been to help and protect the disadvantaged elderly people of India. They have been serving the elder in a holistic manner over the past 4 decades by providing them with security and support to lead a better, healthier, and a dignified life.

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