Kekao Heatwave

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Below is the details for their previous event

Kekao is a young and eccentric electronic music label based out of Kochi, Kerala. The label represents a movement that is thriving to bring forward the forgotten roots of electronic dance music. The real essence of underground music will rise through this movement in KOCHI. KEKAO originates from the Malayalam literature that resonates to ‘hear the unheard’. Kekao is keen on bringing back the culture of enjoying music without boundaries. It is a cultural movement that holds both art and music together. 

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Unlike any other music label, Kekao combines art and music into one movement and gives utmost importance to its essence. The Kochi Muziris Biennale is the only platform in India that brings people from all walks of life into one place. Launching Kekao as part of the  “Music of Muziris” of the The Kochi Muziris Biennale 2018-2019 is an important milestone for us. Kekao’s association with the Biennale will help us bring out our vision, that is to bring in people from all walks of life, with different cultures, language and tastes into one movement through the unique medium of dance music. KEKAO believes that DJing is a performing art carried out by very skilled artists. Kekao is thus focused on breaking the set format of dance music culture in Kochi in terms of the venue, music and the art involved!

Kekao’s mission lies in showcasing the origin of dance music culture and taking people back to the 90s. Kekao’s launch will help in exploring the multiple venues in Kochi that are untouched and also introduce Kochi to one of a kind warehouse party. It will create an experience that will let people imbibe the pure culture of dance music. The focus is on breaking away from the format of a party at conventional spaces like bars and hotels to more unconventional spaces, which is the heart and soul of underground music culture.

On 19.01.2019, Kochi will witness its first and only warehouse party happening at one of Biennale’s venues- Map Project Space, Fort Kochi (formerly known as The Dutch Warehouse). The history of The Dutch Warehouse dates back to centuries and has an untouched, old world charm that is sure to amuse people.

Kekao’s exclusive line up will include Dona aka DJ Plant Texture (Ilian tape, Unknown To The Unknown, XCPT) , Nothus, and Delikwe (Founders, XCPT), and Stalvart John (Hot elephant music, Wind horse records).

Artist profiles-

XCPT rises from Matera, a small town in Italy. This place brought Nothus & Delikwe together to start a platform aiming to export and share their variegated sound, pressing on wax music, deeply inspired by those moments lived in Matera landscapes. The label has involved a series of artists as Andrea, MGUN, DJ Plant Texture and Farron in its releases and recently started two different catalogue series, Time Horizon and xcptape, to showcase different sound outputs nevertheless maintaining the same soul. Nothus & Delikwe run parallely Late Night Approach, a collabo project started recently with releases on Steffi’s labels Klakson and Dolly.

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