KMB 2018

Popularly known as the People’s Biennale, the fourth edition of Kochi Muziris Biennale that commenced on 12 December 2018 will run till 29 March 2019.  This year KMB witnesses its first female curator, Indian contemporary artist Anita Dube.  Every year, KMB is visited by lakhs of people, out of which 70% are from across Kerala.

What’s in it for you?

With so many venues, people thronging the area for two months and several other elements to explore, one would wonder from where to start and how to end. Fret not. Covering the entire Biennale and making the most of your time may appear to be a challenge.  However it sure is doable along with experiencing all the worthwhile workshops performances and events as well.

The first point to note would be that Biennale shouldn’t be covered in just a day.

To begin with you could kick start your day at 11 a.m wherein you will be taken on a guided tour.  The tour will last till 1.30 p.m. It is recommended to take this tour whether you are a beginner or otherwise, as it is a personalised way of experiencing everything in detail.


Next you could explore in and around the place for around half an hour before heading for lunch.  With over 12 venues and 7 venues situated in Fort Kochi, you needn’t worry about the options for having a hearty or unique meal.  The Kashi Art area and Pepper House hosts lovely cafes with great lunch options.

Simultaneously one could consider exploring the Pepper House as well as the Kashi Art Cafe and Kashi Town House.  This is a must visit and shouldn’t be missed at any cost! Witness the various exhibits and other works of art in its full galore.

The next half an hour to one hour could be dedicated to the Cabral Yard.  The opening ceremony of the Biennale had taken place here and is one of the main KMB’s venue.  The rectangular plot is situated alongside Aspinwall House at a turn on the road.  There is a rich history associated with the Cabral Yard.  The name Cabral comes from the first Porugese sailor Pedro Alvares Cabral who ended up in Kochi way back in 1500 A.D. After getting the permission of the then king, the Portuguese set up a spice factory here.

Cabral Yard
Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi

Apart from the above highlights you could visit the Dutch Warehouse and also experience a plethora of workshops.  These workshops allow visitors to collaborate and work with a number of artists at various venues.

With so many thoughtful, provident and exceptional pieces of work and art, Biennale’s dynamics span over a multitude of discovery points for people in Kochi, outside Kochi, within India and abroad.  It sure is a treat to anyone remotely interested in art or otherwise.  As each year passes by Biennale keeps getting bigger and better.  It is indeed a place for the youth too to showcase as well as witness culture from all over the world.

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