School Of Dane

The name Mamangam was inspired by the legacy of a great ‘festival of thought and culture’ that used to be held in Kerala during the reign of the Kulashekaras. Dating back to the 14th century, it was a ‘summit of ideas’ that was  held every 12 years for 28 days on the banks of one of Kerala’s most celebrated rivers – the Bharathapuzha – which features prominently in its history and mythology.

This unique festival witnessed a great confluence of artists, pilgrims, merchants, athletes, scholars and experts from around the world who came to discuss and share  developments and innovations in the fields of art, architecture, agriculture, athletics, economy and culture. It was a testimony to the intellectual openness and democracy of the times, making for cultural cross pollination and knowledge sharing of a very high order.

This historical event offered the spark for a re-visioning of the practice, performance and understanding of dance forms inspired both by the traditional and the modern, the native and the global. It gave birth to Mamangam!

It is this spirit of evolution through experiment and adventure that characteristics the soul of the Mamangam Dance Company. Beyond learning dance, it also attempts to be a space for the sharing of artistic and cultural ideas, knowledge and innovation through collaboration. Here are the list of upcoming workshops in Mamangam. 

Upcoming Workshops in Mamangam


At Mamangam, it is not just about shaping skills and individual expertise. It aspires to foster a sense of community through the dedicated pursuit of the creative life that leads to collective well being. It dreams of changing the world through Dance.