If you are in the mood to discover some different Indian band music, then read below for the top live bands in Chennai:

1. Skrat


Known as one of the most energetic bands of India, the Chennai based band Skrat is perfect to be added on to your playlist of you have a thing for heavy rock and metal music. The members of the band, T.T. Sriram (Guitar and vocals), Jhanu Chanthar (Bass guitar) and Tapass Naresh (Drums), are serious in making music true to their believes and passion and at the same time have a laid-back and fun outlook towards life. They are not only close as a band, but also the whole of the ‘Skrat Crew’. their latest album is titled the Bison and available to download and stream. 

2. The F16s


A lyrically-driven alternative Indie rock/pop band, The F16s were formed in the year 2012 and consist of the members Abhinav Krishnaswamy (Guitars), Harshan Radhakrishnan (Keys), Joshua Fernandez (Vocals, Guitars) and Sashank Manohar (Bass). Their portfolio includes a 6 song EP released in 2013, a 2-track written and recorded in Brooklyn, New York, and a recently released full length debut album called Triggerpunkte. They have many a times been mentioned in the top hit lists on Spotify, including ‘US Top Hits – April 2017’ and ‘Global Viral 50 – April 2017’. 

3. Grey Shack


Grey Shack was formed in 2007, and have tried to bring back loud Rock n’ Roll music alive in this era. They have a tendency to push their musical abilities to the most to produce the best sounds while retaining their authenticity.
Artists like Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles have inspired them to create a unique sound influenced by their music. This four piece band comprises of Prashant Oliver on the Vocals, Vikram Vivekanand on the Guitars, Conrad Simmons on the Bass and Ramkumar Kanakarajan on the Drums.

4. The Broadway Addicts

Defining their sound as punk/grunge, The Broadway Addicts takes its name from one of the first songs written by Srinivas, the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Their music has a very retro feel to it, and derives inspiration from bands like Nirvana, The Pixies, The Stooges and many more. They have released an EP and have also featured on 2 compilation albums since they started off in 2013. the remaining members of the band includes Vidyuth Subramanian (Bassist), Dilip Venkateswaran (Guitarist) and Vijay Sudarsan (Drums). 

5. Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets

Image result for adam and the fish eyed poets

Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets started as the recording project of Chennai based singer/songwriter Kishore Krishna. This alternative rock band has 4 albums to their credit, and have also been featured on an article in Rolling Stone, India. The other band members include Nischinth Murari and Abhinav Krishnaswamy on the Guitars and Bass, and Prabhu Muralee on the Drums.

6. Vavval Brothers

With a wide variety of genres played by the Vavval Brothers, such as Rock N’ Roll,  Blues, Alternative and even Funk, this duo is the definition of diverse. From taking part in college fests and winning them, to composing original music, the Vavval Brothers show a promising music career ahead of them. Some of their influences include Lonely Island, Stephen Lynch, Aerosmith, and The Abhishtoos.

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