The Goan music scene is one of the most distinct compared to the others in the country. You can find music on almost every nook and corner of the city. Check out this curated list of some of the top live bands in Goa.

1. A26

A26 has been in the entertainment industry for around a decade, but their name is still one of the most recognised of the lot. The band, a group of different people united by the passion for music, was started by Lester Rodrigues, who was the lead vocalist of one of Goa’s best bands then – Forefront. Over the years, A26 has performed at events ranging from festivals to private shows, local to international. They have a pretty flexible genre and are one of the few bands that can transition to different genres according to the crowd and event they are performing for, without any difficulty.

2. True Blue Goa

True Blue Goa is one of the younger and energetic live bands of the city, who have a wide range of genres that they can perform in such as ballad, ballroom, soft rock, pop and more. Their 6 piece band includes Zubin da Cruz, Clinton Mascarenhas, Jerry Correia, Elton Fernandes, Revellino Fernandes and Kris Saldanha.

3. Raagas2Riches

Raagas2Riches is a band that originated in Goa, and have been present in Mumbai and Goa since their inception. They are known as a high energy act, that features top musicians from Goa. The band not only performs locally, but in other cities across India as well. They have a wide range of genres they can play, such as Retro, Bollywood, Rock, Latin and Pop.

4. Black IN White

Black In White is a 6 member classic rock/pop/indie rock band formed in Goa. They love touring to other cities to perform their music, which is inspired by the likes of Queen, AC/DC Scorpions and Deep Purple. The band members are Mark Revlon on the vocals, Gennevieve Mathias on the vocals, Rosh Noel on the keyboards, Leroy Pereira on the drums, Christoffer Daniel on the guitar and EDM Gomes on the bass.

5. ‘LYNX’ Band Of The Sand

Stepping into the world of music during 1994, Lynx is easily one of the oldest bands of Goa. Their genre is flexible and ranges from Bollywood to pop to classical to reggae and more. Their easy listening music and lively performances shot them to popularity, and not only have they performed in various Indian cities, but also internationally, and have been a part of various high profile events as well. The band members include Anthony Fernandes (Bass/Vocals), Frazer Pacheco (Keys/Vocals), Sandy Pacheco (Vocals), Angelo Fernandes (Guitar/Vocals) and Savio a.k.a BOBO (Drums/ Vocals).

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