Hyderabad is a hot spot for upcoming local artists with huge potential. Check out these 8 amazing Live Bands based here!

1. Threeory

Threeory is an experimental progressive rock fusion band that initially started out with 3 members (as the namesake), and has now expanded to 5 members. The band blends Indian Classical music with different genres of the world. The members include Syntyche Mongro on vocals, Mark Talur on the keys, Senti Along on the guitars, Parsa Dattasai on the violin and Tarun Vishal on the drums. They often play during occasions and parties, as well as various popular places in Hyderabad.

2. Capricio

Founded in 2016, Capricio is a classical fusion band which mixes different genres to create a distinct music. The band includes Eknath Kiran & Dinker Kalvala on the vocals, Sam on the guitar, Sai Teja on the percussions and Shravan Pakalapati on the keys.

3. The TAPES

The Tapes are a Post Grunge/Indie Rock Band from Hyderabad, who consider the Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys as their main influences who brought them in this field. Formed in 2013, the band has performed as both headliners and opening acts at popular venues such as HRC Hyderabad, and even pan-India, like HRC Pune, High Spirits Pune, Heart Cup Hyderabad, Indigo Bangalore and more. The band members include Abhay Krishna (Bass), Saurav Tyagi (Guitar), Chaitu Maddikayala (Guitar), Sri Hari C (Drums) and Pranav Kumar (Vocals).

4. The Playmores

Founded in 2015, The Playmores have a varying genre of playing, ranging from Rock, Pop, Grunge, Sufi, Commercial and Bollywood. The members are Rinky on the vocals and guitar, Sai on the drums, Praveen on the lead guitar and Chaitanya on the keyboard and bass. You can catch their electric performances at various venues in the city.

5. What The Funk

As exclaimed in the band name, What The Funk is a pure funk genre band founded in 2015. They produce their own compositions, influenced by bands like Thermal And A Quarter, RHCP, Dream Theater, Mr Big, Dave Weckl and Dirty Loops. The band members consist of Edla Emmanuel on vocals and keys, Richard Madella working the bass, Solomon Raj on the drums and Ricky Raymond & Makka Amit on the guitars.

6. Eagle Riders

Eagle Riders are a contemporary rock/metal band in Hyderabad, and one of the oldest bands in the city’s live band scene, having spent around 12 years in the industry. With their main influences being bands such as Metallica, Maiden, Pink Floyd, Mr.Big, and more, Eagle Riders aim to portray love, kindness and peace through the talents and the tool of music. The band includes Praveen on the vocals, and the rhythm guitar, Vijay on the bass, Sunil on the lead guitar and Bobby on the drums.

7. Jammers

With a focus on mainly regional languages, the Jammers have created a new hype for these kind of songs in Hyderabad. The 5-member band includes Krishna Tejasvi as the lead vocalist, Shashank Bhaskaruni on the drums, Naren RKS on the keyboardist, Chinna Swamy on the guitars, and Jagadish Chintala on the bass guitar. Catch them play at various live music pubs and restaurants in the city.

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