Kolkata, the land of creativity and art, has always been ground zero for the some of the most talented musicians to establish in India. Read about the top live bands and musicians below, some who have established their stand and some who are all set to capture the country’s heart with their music.

1. Fossils

Fossils is one of the oldest rock bands to emerge out of Kolkata, in the year of 1999 – and are called the ‘undisputed leaders in live performance’. They have created an impact all over India with their energetic music, and have paved the way for Bangla artists to be recognised widely. The band members include Rupam (Vocals), Deep (Guitar), Allan (Guitar), Pom (Bass) and Tanmoy (Drums).

2. Underground Authority

Formed in 2010, Underground Authority has broken all barriers and become one of the most recognised Alternative Rap/Rock bands in the country. They also define their band as a ‘protest poetry’ genre, which aligns with their idea of music. UA, through their music, strives to inspire the common people to stand up for themselves and whats right. The band members are EPR IYER (Front-man / Flo-etry / Stage Antics), ADIL RASHID (Lead Guitar), BUBBLA (Bass / Double Hypin’) and SOURISH KUMAR (Drums / Pro-aggression).

3. Lakkhichhara

Lakkhichara is one of the earliest bands to emerge from Kolkata, and are proud to call themselves as one of the pioneers in establishing the Bengali music scene. They are a pure rock band and quite well known among the rock lovers of Kolkata. The band members include Rajib ‘Raj’ Mitra (Vocals), Gaurab ‘Gaboo’ Chatterjee (Drums), Sanket ‘Panku’ Bhattacharya (Bass), Debaditya ‘Deba’ Chaudhury (Keyboards), Bodhisattwa Ghosh (Guitars), John Paul (Guitars) and Anirvan Mazumder (Lyrics).

4. Goshai Gang

Goshai Gang is a Classic Pop/Rock Band that started off in 2013 as a radio show. Soon, it became off-air, after which the show’s hosts joined forces and formed the band officially in 2015 as Goshai Gang. They create original tracks as well as remixes of popular songs, and you can catch them live at popular venues such as Hard Rock Cafe in Kolkata. The band members include Saurav Goshai (Vocals), Arijit Sili (Bass Guitar), Swagato (Electric/Acoustic Guitars & backing vocals), Sayantan (Keyboards & backing vocals) and Dipayan (Drums & Percussions).

5. Kaahon

Kaahon is a Folk Fusion band from Kolkata, who started out in 2012. Their band name stands for the expression of words through music and instruments. through their music, they aim to enrich their culture and heritage as well as other folk music cultures. The members are Vota on the vocals, mandola, khomok & gupti, Sandy on the drum & percussions, Samiran on the guitar, Ankur on the keyboard, piano, accordian & vocals, and Subhajit on the bass and vocals.

6. Volk

Volk is a fairly new generation band that started in the year of 2014. Identifying their genre as Metalcore/Bong Metal, this 5 piece band symbolises ‘the common people’ and their hardships through their music. They have been performing at various competitions as well as live music venues in Kolkata. The band includes Daipayan on the vocals, Aniruddha & Arindam on the guitar, Sudip on the bass and Anirban on the drums.

7. The Quaavers

The Quaavers are an upcoming local band hailing from Kolkata, who not only create their versions of old songs, but also produce their own music. Though this trio calls themselves an urban folk band, they like to experiment with different genres from around the world, mainly folk music from various countries in Europe and America as well. The band members are Dripta Samajder, Arjun Kar and Someshwar Bhattacharya.

8. Phaltu

Incepted in 2011, Phaltu is a 6 member acoustic Bangla band, which creates music in Bengali language primarily. They also call themselves an ‘Urban Melody’ band, one that creates music for anyone, anywhere. The band members include Prithwish Kumar Basu, Saikat Das, Aniruddha Chakraborty, Indradeep Bose Roy, Subarna Konar and Sumanta Halder.

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