Shillong is slowly rising to be one of the top cities in India where indie music is becoming the norm. Read to know more about some of the famous live music bands in the city.

1. Soulmate

Soulmate is one of the most popular blues/blues rock band in not only Shillong, but also nationwide. They were among the first bands to emerge in the indie music scene in Shillong and hence have paved a way for others to follow. The primary band members are Rudy Wallang (guitar, vocals, songwriter) and Tipriti “Lil’ Mama Tips” Kharbangar (vocals, guitar, songwriter), and they frequently team up with sessions musicians (drums, keys, etc.) especially while on tour.

2. Summersalt

Summersalt describes themselves as a band that that starts a sub-genre TransFusion – a consequence of Folk-Fusion genre that has strong lyrical intent and embraces the mix of the traditional Khasi Music with genres of the world. The idea behind Summersalt is as simple as it is about the Music, the traditional culture of the Khasi people, the social nitty-gritty, the story telling style and the drive to live true. All this, to repurpose the Music from merely entertaining the audience to engaging with the audience. The band members are Kit on the vocals & acoustic guitar, Ador on the duitara & keys, Pynsuk on vocals, Greg on the electric guitar, Weet on the drums, Nah on the bass guitar and Dajied on the traditional percussions.

3. 4th Element

4th Element is the only band from Northeast India to mix four genres or ‘elements’ of jazz, soul, r&b and funk. Over the years, they have experimented with these genres to create the perfect blend, which makes them unique. The band has performed for various festivals in various countries such as Singapore, Europe, Mexico, Thailand, etc. It’s the only Indian band to have played at The Nisville Jazz Festival and The Belize International Jazz Festival. other festivals include The Philippines Jazz Festival, The Jazzmandu Festival and The Delhi International Jazz Festival to name a few. The band members include Ribor MB, Sarah Lee, Amit Mulick, Jeffery Laloo, Sam Shulai, Amabel Susngi and Mewanki Rangad.

4. Khasi Bloodz

Shillong is not only home to some famous blues bands, but has also been the home ground for other genres to establish, rap being one of them. Khasi Bloodz is a rap duo from Shillong, who are slowly paving the way for more artists to come up in this genre. They combine English and Khasi rhymes in their songs, and have performed in various festivals across the country. They were also part of a 2016 music video called ‘Anthem for the North East’, which has garnered more than a million views on YouTube.

5. Blue Temptation

A fairly new blues band to have set its base in Shillong, Blue temptation started its journey on 2014. They play a mixture of blue, jazz, funk and acoustic music, which is primarily centered around day to day circumstances in a person’s life. The band members are El Nathan Ford Nongrum (Bass/Vox), Gregory Ford Nongrum (Guitars/Vox), Shepherd Najiar (Guitars/ Mandolin/Harmonica/Vox), Vincent Tariang (Drums/Percussion/Vox) and Manavon Massar (Keys/Organ/Melodica).

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