If you are a fanatic for live music and related events, then check out these places in Kochi known to host the best events in the category in this city.

1. Donut Factory

Along with serving delicious donuts, Donut Factory in Panampilly Nagar is also a hot spot for various live music and open mic events. With a stage and equipment set up, it’s the perfect spot to hold live events requiring a cozy environment. To add in to the benefits, the location is a given advantage if you wanna attract a younger crowd. 

2. Plug n’ Play 

Plug N Play is a production and artist management company, that also has a venue space to undertake corporate events, conferences, entertainment events/concerts/festivals and weddings. They also provide high quality technical support for events which includes custom designed stage set up, sound and lighting, with expert engineers to handle the same, separately as part of Plug N Play’s event production wing.

3. Chaicofi

Chaicofi was one of the first live music venues that arrived in Kochi, about 6-7 years back. Not only did it immediately become famous and attract the youngsters with a unique line-up frequently, they were also one of the first laser tag and gaming centers of Kochi, which in turn brought in a newer crowd. The ambiance, food and crowd is the best part about this venue which makes it one of the most popular live music venues in the city.

4. French Toast

French Toast is a Bakery, Kitchen and Studio located in Kacheripady and Panampilly Nagar. The outlet in Kacheripady has multiple event venue spaces, both outdoor as well as an indoor studio, with a capacity of about 100-150 people. It is a hub for youngsters in Kochi and its fresh food and aesthetic aura attracts a lot of crowd.

5. Nosh Haus

With a cozy, ambient atmosphere, Nosh Haus is one of the most sought after venues in Kochi, especially for live music events and talks. It is just a metro ride away, and can hold a capacity of about 100-200 people. 

6. JT Pac

JT Pac is conceptualized as an ecosystem to preserve, sustain, propagate and nurture the performing arts traditions of India and the world. A major aspect of JT PAC’s mission is to develop into a world-class cultural society, building a platform for the best of the country’s budding artists. From music, to dance, to talks to stand up comedies, JT Pac hosts a plethora of events with state of the art facilities provided to the hosts as well as those for the comfort of the audience.

7. Cafe Papaya

Launched in 2013, Cafe Papaya is a set up by the Malayalam Production House OPM, and design studio Papaya Media. From its inception, this cafe has been hosting gigs from artists who are upcoming as well as well-known, with the aim of creating a special place for lovers of music and to create a community of like minded people. Cafe Papaya defines itself as one that prioritises Music, Movies and Mocha. It is located in Panampilly Nagar, one of the hot spots for Kochi’s youngsters.

8. JAM Music Conservatory

Jam Music Conservatory is a premiere conservatory established by Jam Music Education to provide higher level education in music & audio engineering. Located in Palarivattom, they have a live studio which is meant for their students to gain a real time experience on how a studio performance works. This studio is also open to live music events, and has hosted various artists in recent years. The audience is usually jam packed with music buffs who love discovering new music and artists.