Events in Coimbatore
Events in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South India due to the textile industry. The city also has many industries, top educational institutions and engineering firms. The city has many temples including Marudamalai, a popular 12th century hill temple dedicated to Hindu god Murugan. Here is our curated list on how to spend the weekend in Coimbatore.

1. Go for Indo-Russian Dance Festival

User-uploaded image: 48425496_2174005519517039_6488453557023408128_n.jpgDance forms of Ballet, Tap dance, Gypsy, Acrobatic and Folk will be performed by internationally acclaimed artists. 

2. Stand-up Comedy at Superstar Pizza

User-uploaded image: 49767859_2227348057552716_800818560967376896_n.jpgCPUs Open Mic is back in a Maraana Mass Style – Talaivar style – Petta Style.

3. Art Street

User-uploaded image: 48174250_1786472334796601_1159568726706618368_n.jpgArt Street will be extra special with works curated by a panel of artists who will display their mind-blowing art on Scheme Road, Race Course, the works of a few favourite who are inspirational street artists and well-known faces, as well as some of whom you may not have heard of – but will want to see more of.

4. Coimbatore Heritage Car Show

User-uploaded image: 48398211_1802876999822801_3359097714657722368_n.jpg
Coimbatore Vizha’s Heritage Car Show, is aimed to bring to you the best of the Heritage Cars for display. Come closer and get to travel in time and stay lost in these timeless automobiles. If you are an auto-enthusiast or a heritage lover or both, you surely don’t want to miss this action!

5. Balloon Festival Pollachi 2019

User-uploaded image: 48175133_1962137207233774_5201947832092721152_n.jpg

Come to the 5th Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 2019 and join the biggest family Carnival with Music, Food, Balloons & much fun. 

6. Butterfly Walk

User-uploaded image: 49759094_666173540452470_4279582010181156864_n.jpg

Butterfly walk as a part of Coimbatore Vizha 2019. Experts will lead you on the tour to look for these spectacular butterflies. You will learn how to identify common butterfly species found in the area, brush up your identification skills, help on a conservation task, and see a rare species. Bring your camera and binoculars along and your enthusiasm for butterflies at the Butterfly Walk!
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