Hyderabad, the capital of southern India’s Telangana state is well known as a major center for the technology industry. It is also a home to many surprising and celebrative events and if you are in town get ready to check it out and have a great enjoyable time.

1. Go for Fields of Love Music Festival 2.0

Zephyr Hyderabad

This Music Festival is a conjunction of love for music, from different people, for the people. A place to bring together love among DJs/Producers/Music enthusiasts and also get a chance to get exposed to the education of music

2. Hilltop Festival Promo Ft. Avalon

Hilltop HyderabadAcquire new age skills of the modern era and build and develop new technology that is finding application across sectors ranging from military to entertainment? Drone technology is the new age technology constantly evolving as new innovation and big investment are bringing more advanced drones to the market. Expect to learn mechanics of flying vehicles, Hardware of Quadcopter, Wifi Communication etc and also engage in activities like Frame creation, Motor Mounting, Auto-pilot hacking etc. Hurry up only limited slots are available

3. Block 22 presents Transitions feat. Sasha

One of the most famous DJs and producer is coming to town Hyderabad. Have a chance to experience the crazy creativity of Sasha and enjoy this iconic moment. Hurry up!

4. The Deccan Project Music Show

1.	The Deccan Project Music Show

The Deccan project is an expression of freedom. A bunch of friends who are I.T professionals in the day and musicians at night.

5. Go for Comedy Express 5.0

Comedy Express 5.0This time, Comedy Express brings Rajasekhar Mamidanna, Vivek Muralidharan and Bhavneet Singh. Bhavneet is a radio jockey who performs stand up comedy.
PS: we plan to start the event on time. Please be on time.

6. FunnyBuzzness W/ Shankar Chugani – Selling Myself Short

1.	FunnyBuzzness W/ Shankar Chugani - Selling Myself Short

The well known Buzz Kya Entertainment is back with “Funny Buzzness”  a well known Comedy Gig Series and has been instrumental in bringing down artists like – Amit Tandon, Sorabh Pant, Sumukhi Suresh and Naveen Richards,Daniel Fernandes (Shadows), Abish Mathew, Shankar Chugani, Last month we celebrated our One year Anniversary with 3 Shows in December with Kunal Kamra (Fresh Thoughts), Daniel Fernandes (Talk to ME * New show) and Sapan Verma (Half Baked Chutkule). This month we bring you Shankar Chugani from Comicstaan.


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