Hyderabad, the capital of southern India’s Telangana state is well known as a major center for the technology industry. It is also a home to many surprising and celebrative events and if you are in town get ready to check it out and have a great enjoyable time.

1. Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of being Earnest” by Samahaara

Check out this comedic event near you. This is a Trivial Comedy for Serious People. Enjoy this weekend with the comedy skit directed by Rathna Shekar Reddy at Phoenix Arena, Hitech City, Hyderabad on Jan 12, 7.30 pm. A comedy skit named “The Importance of Being Earnest” is based on a story revolving around the incidents and the challengers faced by two bachelors Jack ‘John’ Worthing and Algernon ‘Algy’ Moncrieff.

2. DIY DRONE Workshop

Acquire new age skills of the modern era and build and develop new technology that is finding application across sectors ranging from military to entertainment? Drone technology is the new age technology constantly evolving as new innovation and big investment are bringing more advanced drones to the market. Expect to learn mechanics of flying vehicles, Hardware of Quadcopter, Wifi Communication etc and also engage in activities like Frame creation, Motor Mounting, Auto-pilot hacking etc. Hurry up only limited slots are available

3. Stage Adda Presents – Vipul Goyal Live


Enjoy Live with the star of TVF’s Humorously Yours, Vipul Goyal.  Comedian famous for his creation of laugh riot and with more than 50 million standup video views online, join  him as he makes fun of super-relatable observations and situations from your daily life and making it truly an extra ordinary show for all of you. Do not miss it!

4. Robotics Olympics for ages 9-14

One of the most innovative fields in this modern era that is, robotics which is driving continuous innovation and is about to create a revolution. Here is an opportunity for you to engage, learn and understand the basics of robotics. This is a beginners program and get to acquire robotics knowledge. Check us out on https://leomike.co

5. New Year laughter dose

Have a blast with laughter and enjoy your evening with the comedy event happening live near you. Why be so serious. Loosen up and grab this opportunity

On the 13th Jan 2019 (5.30 PM) catch up with Aditi Mittal, One of India’s top comedians take you for a trip (and fall) around her head and her world! Enjoy her new show and get ready for the comedy ride she embarks you on.

On 26th Jan 2019 (7 PM) meet and enjoy Amit Tandon, arguably one of the top stand-up comedians of India, comes up with yet another hilarious laugh riot. Have fun and enjoy your evening with his mind blowing observatory funny comments . Make sure to come early as there is limited valet parking.

6. P.C. Sorcar (Young & Master) Magic Show

Renowned magician P.C. Sorcar is here to mesmerize you with his magic show. Be stunned with this amazing performance and be flabbergasted and enchanted with tricks you’ve never seen before! Enjoy the alluring performances put up by and grab the specials in store for everyone.


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