Events in Madurai

Madurai, engrained in history with multiple dynasties ruling the city is known for its vibrant temples. Meenakshi Amman Temple and Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal are some of the iconic landmarks of the city. Here is Collabo’s curated list of the best events in the city for this weekend! 

1. Go for a standup comedy

Madurai Standup comedy

Mr Family Man is Praveen’s fifth standup special and his most personal one yet! The show will be in fully Tamil, and of course, in Praveen style, the show is completely clean and is open to the entire family. (Ages 6 and above allowed)

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2. Ride to Tiger Villa

Break your weekend from the ordinary life.. Lets beat the hills with a tale of your adventures on the road, Get ready for a adventure Ride at God’s Own country ‘A camping and live food with music’. 

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3. Visit Gandhi Memorial Museum

The building that houses the Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai is the historic Tamukkam Palace belonging to Rani Mangammal of Nayak Dynasty built about 1670 A.D.

4. Take a family trip to Athisayam

Athisayan Park

Athisayam, the ultimate in family fun, is a Water Amusement Park located in Madurai, The Waterpark has sports rides for everyone from the thrill seeker in you to the more relaxed family attractions. Athisayam is just 20 minutes drive from Madurai .

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