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Creating an event takes a lot of effort and time. You need to find the right venue, artists, sponsors and partners. And then you need to market it creatively to the right audience. 
Here is a list of top things to consider while hosting an event:

1. Venue 

The location of your event is key and number of things need to be considered to finalise the venue. To start with, think about the number of expected customers for the event. It can be as small as 10-20, which can be hosted in an intimate cafe or a studio, or as big as 10,000 which can only be accommodated in huge grounds with infrastructure in place. 
Other things to be considered while finalising the venue are:
  • Ease of access to the venue
  • Is permission required from authorities to perform at the venue
  • Availability of parking, restroom and other utilities

2. Artists

The artist is the soul of the show and is the biggest factor when it comes to attracting customers. The social influence of the artist is a good indicator to judge their popularity and they can be used to market the event.

3. Partners

Partners from multiple industries are required based on the scale of the event. The right partnership is a win-win deal for both the organiser and the partner to increase their brand presence and sales. Some of the partners associated with events are:

  • Travel Partner (Uber, Ola)
  • Food Partner (Swiggy, Zomato, Local Restaurants)
  • Radio Partner (Red FM, Radio Mirchi)
  • Hotel Partner (Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Taj)
  • Ticketing Partner (Collabo, BookMyShow)

4. Ticketing

Ticketing can be done both offline and online, and majority of the tickets can be pre-booked and sold online these days. Use a ticketing partner which has good market reach, customer support and easy ticket booking UX. Collabo is a Kochi based platform which enables online ticketing along with customised event landing page. It also provided an app to facilitate customer entry during the event.

5. Marketing

Marketing the event requires creativity and it needs to be spend efficiently on multiple platforms both offline and online.

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