If you are looking to host an online event, here are some virtual platforms that offer the best and most convenient services to organisers to enable them to host their events smoothly.

1. Live Streaming Platforms

Mostly all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are equipped with the live stream feature, where you can interact directly with your followers in real time when you’re live. A lot of celebrities and personalities around the world have made use of this platform to connect with their followers. Some of the live platforms are:

Be it Q&A sessions, talks, or even live performances like concerts, live streaming platforms are rapidly gaining popularity, and perhaps have a great scope of changing the way many events are held in the near future.

2. Webinar Platforms

Be it conferences or meetings or seminars, the internet is one of the biggest platforms today to hold these events and reach out to the target audience easily, wherever they are around the world. Some of the platforms which are ideal for holding these events (mostly professional) are:

  • Zoom: Includes features like group chat, breakout rooms, can cover from 100 to 10,000 view-only attendees, interactive (polls and Q&As), integrations (FB Live, YouTube), closed captioning option.
  • Livestorm: Includes option of on-demand webinars, integrations with Google Analytics, Slack, and various engagement tools.
  • Crowdcast: Includes participation through single URL, built-in registration forms, analytics, replays.
  • Demio: Includes signups & registrations, analytics, live replays, private chats, hybrid broadcast option (live event mixed with pre-recorded elements). .
  • WebinarNinja: Includes paid event option, integration with other apps, multiple presenter option, analytics, Facebook Pixel ad tracking, hybrid broadcast option.

The platform you choose is largely dependent on the kind of event that you want to host. The internet has made problems like accessibility and costs much more minimal, and like everything, the event industry may also experience a major digital shift soon.

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