With the world tackling an unforeseen pandemic of the COVID-19 outbreak, the event industry stands as one of the hard hit businesses across the globe. Concerts, sporting events, and other live audience events have been cancelled all over the world, with little indication about when things will go back to normal.

In this time of social distancing, organisers have become creative and are making the best use of this situation by bringing people together for their events – virtually. With the power of today’s technology, and numerous ways to connect millions of people with just a click, the event industry is seeing a rise of online or virtual events across the globe. Ranging from webinars to live stream videos on various social media platforms, organisers around the world are taking advantage of the technology in hand to go ahead with their events in an engaging manner.

Some of the advantages of conducting virtual events are:

– Saving costs on venues, transportation, manpower and big scale setups.
– Platforms to reach more people across various cities and even countries, as opposed to a concentrated crowd in a single city.
– Increased opportunities for engagement, for example, the live comments feature available on various live streaming platforms ensures on the spot reactions and easier audience engagement.

What kind of events can be conducted online?

1. Webinars/Conferences

The most essential component of any seminar, conference or meeting is the topic of discussion, and the people attending it. Not all meetings need to be held in a physical environment, and so the trend of conducting such events online has risen over the years. If you were planning to hold an event of such nature in recent times, then online is the best way to do it.

2. Live-streamed music shows & concerts

Yes, it may seem a bit odd because concerts and live music shows thrive on big crowds and large scale stage set-ups. But keeping in mind the current situation, artists around the world have found a way to connect with their fans virtually. Social media platforms like Instagram, which has the Live Story feature, is one of the best ways to engage and entertain fans. With such a powerful networking tool in our hands, there is real potential to explore opportunities that can change the shape of live music experience in the near future.

3. Talk events

Talk events such as TedX have a great potential to be conducted online through live streaming, and although online talks have been slowly gaining popularity, the chances of it becoming the norm are greater now more than ever.

4. Launches or Demos of products/services

Though it’s not uncommon, an online launch program of a product or service is one of the most innovative methods, that is already popular among tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung. They are ahead in the game with their famous launch events, like the Apple Keynote for example, which is streamed by millions all over the world.

5. Masterclasses/Workshops on business skills/art forms

Although there have always been online courses available for various areas of study, people have started to realise its importance and accessibility more often in recent times. Whether you want to learn skills like instruments, music production, performing arts, or increase your knowledge in the fields of business, marketing, graphic design, the internet provides a plethora of things you can learn in the comfort of your home.

The increasing trend of contact-less entertainment arising out of this pandemic is likely to stay for a long period of time, even after the situation eventually becomes normal. Optimising the use of current technology and various online platforms to conduct events has become the need of the hour, and organisers all around the world are learning to adapt to this shift in the nature of the event industry.

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