If your travel plans include the city of Coimbatore and you are thinking of things to do there, then this curated guide is sure to help you get the best experience in the city. 

  1. For the Nature Lovers

Coimbatore presents itself as a delight for all nature lovers out there. It is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and peaks, which is definitely one of the things not to be missed if you are in Coimbatore.

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The Kovai Kutralam Waterfalls is one of the many waterfalls near Coimbatore, which is known for its breathtaking beauty and serenity. Located about 35 km away from the city, this waterfall is especially popular amongst tourists visiting the place in summer. The water cascades down the Siruvani Mountains and cools down the whole area surrounding the waterfall.

Another place to see would be the Velliangiri Mountains, which is also known as the Kailash of the South, as legend says that it once housed Lord Shiva. It is filled with awing views and is also one of the most difficult (yet worth it) places to trek.

  1. For the Spiritual

Whether you are a devotee who’s trip is never complete without visiting the holy spots of a city, or just a regular tourist, the one thing you cannot miss is this.

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The Adiyogi Shiva Statue is a mighty sight with an unbelievable height of 112 feet, where 112 denotes the number of ways one can attain moksha. This statue also holds the title of the world’s largest bust sculpture by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is definitely a wonder worth taking out your time for, while you are in Coimbatore.

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Situated about 15km away from Coimbatore on the western ghats, the Marudhamalai Hill Temple has been dated back to the 12th century. Apart from the temple, the hills where its located at itself is a sight to behold. With its serene atmosphere and pure air, you are sure to feel rejuvenated after your visit here.

  1. For the History and Cultural Lovers

Coimbatore doesn’t disappoint you with the immense historical knowledge and culture it offers you.

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Founded by G.D. Naidu, the Gedee Car Museum houses around 70 vintage cars, including the first automobile of the world – the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. If you have a taste for cars and are interested in the history and evolution of the automobile industry, then this place is a must visit.

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Ever wondered why Coimbatore is called the ‘Manchester of South India’? The Textile Museum is sure to answer that question for you. The museum shows the effect of industrialisation on Coimbatore’s textile industry and also presents the evolution of the machines, from the spinning wheel times to the modern day sewing machines.

  1. For the Trekkers

Coimbatore is an avenue to reaching many trekking spots around the city. Most of the trekking expeditions are ones that lead to waterfalls, which are abundantly present all around Tamil Nadu.

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Perumal Peak, VellariMala, Thalaiyar Falls, Vaideki Falls, and many more are some of the best trekking spots accessible from the city. Since they are areas which might need protection and guidance, some of them require permission as well as a professional companion with you for the trek.