If you are looking for influencers that have a true impact on their audience, then this blog is the perfect curated guide for you. Here are the top influencers in and around Kochi:

1. @eatkochieat

Started by Kartik Murali, Eat Kochi Eat was first conceived as a Facebook group in 2015, and later a page on Instagram, with the objective of uniting the foodies and to find underrated restaurants in the city. Their Instagram is directly managed by Kartik while our facebook group & the page is managed by a group of foodies whom he met via the group itself. The group became a hit in the first few months, after which they started doing events like food trips, food walks, cuisine based foodie meet ups, bbq parties, onam and iftar celebrations, etc. A new addition of events is their Restaurant Experience Program for aspiring restauranteurs in town along with EKE Talks, an interactive session featuring eminent personalities in the F&B sector in the country. They have brought Chef Thomas Zacharias of The Bombay Canteen and Sumesh Govind of Paragon Group of Restaurants for these talks.

2. @welovekochi

Started as just a small feature page by Luvin and his classmate about 2 years back, WeLoveKochi has managed to become one of the top influential pages of Kochi. Their mission is to provide exposure to underrated photographers and creators in and around Kochi, and to bring together a community. They have hosted numerous photo-walks and collaborations which led to the growth of their page to what it is today. What initially started with just 2 members, has become a larger group of people running the show.

3. @riders_of_cochin

Nithin Joy, the man behind the page, started it in 2014 to fuel his passion of riding and to build biker brotherhood among riding enthusiasts. They have a riding department, where they conduct rides and perform registration to join their club for a small fee. Registered members are eligible to avail discounts from various motor accessory shops in Ernakulam and Bangalore. Their photographer Seffin Philip manages the page & promotions on Instagram and Facebook, and together they undertake photo-shoots of bikes and reviewing of new models launched.

4. @vandi_bhranthanmar

It all started as a Facebook page on April 2015. Created by Rahul Jyothi from Kollam, the main objective was to post content about cars.  With time, their page grew rapidly and when they hit 200k likes on their FB page, they hosted a meetup in Thiruvalla which saw a great turnout. This led to them starting a discussion group on cars and hosting more meetups, which eventually birthed their Instagram page that has over 149k followers.

5. @keralaportfolio

Nidhin started this page just a year ago, to feature the best photos from talented photographers all around Kerala. The idea behind this page was to become one of the best featuring pages in Kerala, as well as a guide for the best tourist spots in the state. Photos portraying the traditions carried around in Kerala, such as the food, art forms, etc. are shared on their page. The believe that the strength of their page is from their followers, which have reached almost 50k in just a year.

6. @keralafoodie

Starting off as a simple hobby amongst a group of food-loving friends, this page is amongst Kerala’s most established ‘foodstagrammers’. As the founders of the page are all based in Kerala, their love for food reached out its talons first in and around the state, and slowly outside. As they moved further in their taste hunt, the growth of audience towards their page came naturally with it. They see their platform as a happy place for all food lovers, and hope to grow this family further in the coming years.

7. @_keralagram_

Sumith started this page in 2017 with the intention of making a travel photography. At the beginning, they uploaded their own travel photos, and once their page became more and more visible, people started to send their photos for a feature on their page. Slowly, their page grew, and so did their vision. Now, they not only post photography, but also intend to make their audience aware of the best tourist places in Kerala.

8. @ithu_keralagram

Started just a year back, Joel, the creator of this page, had a bit of a rough start as he was trying out and experimenting on various ideas. As a beginner, he tried to gain his followers through shoutouts and promotions, and later through reposting, which ultimately led to the growth of his page, and also helped him make a lot of connections. Slowly, this page shaped up to be a unique blend of typography, photography and meme page all in one. With an influential reach, this page has been involved in works like advertisement and promotions, fund raising (eg. Kerala floods) and the Malayalam movie industry as well. As of this year, Joe has also been involved in many collaborations, which span over advertisements to artist management in Kerala.


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