Check out the popular as well as the up & coming bands from Delhi in this curated list of live music bands in the capital city.

1. The Local Train

The Local Train is an independent Hindi Rock band which is popular not only among the Delhi crowd, but also countrywide. They are known for their edgy music videos and their explosive live acts which they have performed countrywide as well as internationally. The band members include Raman Negi on the vocals/acoustic guitar, Paras Thakur on the lead/acoustic guitar, Ramit Mehra on the bass guitar and Sahil Sarin on the drums/percussions.

2. Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. is one of the most aesthetic and widely followed independent bands of India. As popular as they are in the capital city, their songs have created an impact across various other cities as well. Formed in 2008, they are fairly experienced and well known in the indie music scene, and define their genre as a mix of Cabaret/Gypsy Golf/Bathroom Waltz. The band members include Suryakant (vocals/guitar/organ), Dhruv Bhola (bass), Kartik (organ/guitar/electronics), Gupt Rohit (horns) and Karan (beats).

3. Chaar Hazaari

An independent Hindi contemporary & folk rock band that was formed back in 2012, Chaar Hazaari has changed in enormous ways since its inception. The band has not only expanded, but has also managed to create a unique musical identity by interlacing contemporary and classical music together. The band believes in creating and experimenting with new sounds and amalgamating them as a unique song. They had released their debut EP ‘Chaar Hazaari’ in 2017. The members include Yatindra Mohan (Vocals/Guitar), Utkarsh Mallik (Keyboard/Backing Vocals), Shailendra (Drums/Percussion), Shivit Prasanna (Flute) and Archit Agrawal (Bass).

4. Menwhopause

One of the earliest bands to step into the indie music scene, Menwhopause is a post rock band, who is known to be quite revolutionary not only in terms of their music, but also with their actions. Being one of the first bands to distribute their music freely as a free download in 2003, the band pushed forward the DIY ethic in the country. The 4 member band has since then traveled country and cross-country to promote their music.

5. Aawaaz

Aawaaz is a sufi rock band, formed in the year 2014 by a few students of Delhi University. They are known for their covers of soulful Bollywood songs, to which they add a touch of sufi, classical, rock and retro in their own style, and western music with their female singer who specialises in pop, rock & retro. They have 2 more female singers who specialise in Bollywood & Punjabi songs. The band is a labelled T-Series artist, and has also shared a stage with renowned artists like Guru Randhawa, Gippy Greqal, Hardy Sandhu, and more. The band members include Jai Taneja on the lead vocals, Abhishek Negi on the bass, Deepak Gupta on the lead guitar, Nitin Garg on the keyboard and Lalit on the percussion.

6. No Honey

No Honey is a fairly new addition to the indie bands that are present in the Delhi live music scene. They trio, which formed in the beginning of 2019, are an electric/trip hop band, that range their songs from electric to soothing and dreamy. The members include Abhilasha Sinha on the vocals, Keshav Dhar as the guitarist/producer and Suyash Gabriel on the drums.

7. Zokova

Zokova, a trio of 3 young individuals, is a post rock project and has a series of interlinked songs, which are primarily instrumental. Their songs center around everyday emotions, which creates a relatable environment in the listener’s mind. The trio comprises of Ritwik De on the guitars, keyboards & effects, Amar Pandey on the bass guitar & keyboards and Suyash Gabriel on the drums, percussion & effects.

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