Mumbai is the city of dreams, for outsiders and its natives alike. This is evident in the city’s growing indie music scene, as new artists and bands are coming up to take over the industry. Read this curated list of a few of the most impactful live musicians based in Mumbai:


Based in Mumbai, Madboy / Mink are one of India’s leading Electro Cabaret/Disco/Funk duo. The duo members are Imaad Shah & Saba Azad, who are already established artists in their field. Though they don’t strictly stick to a single genre and continuously experiment with different genre mashups, they are essentially known for their electronic music.

2. Ankur & The Ghalat Family

ATGF was formed in 2009, and describe their genre as ‘easy acoustic’, where their songs mostly comprise of Urdu & Hindi ballads, often transitioning to folk rock/rock n roll. The band is widely regarded as one of the most innovative bands in the Hindi rock scene. The band members are Sidd Coutto (Drums/ Guitars/ Vocals), Johan Pais (Bass), Gaurav Gupta (Guitars/ Keys/ Vocals), Vivaan Kapoor (Drums/ Percussion/ Vocals) and Ankur Tewari (Vocals).

3. Spud In The Box

Spud In The Box is a 6 piece alternative rock band that formed in Mumbai in the year 2011. They are known for their catchy tunes and songwriting and energetic live performances. The band members include Ankit Dayal on the vocals and guitar, Rohan Rajadhyaksha on the vocals and keys, Hartej Sawhney & Siddharth Talwar on the guitar, Zubin Bhathena on the bass and Joshua Singh on the drums.

4. Kanchan Daniel & The Beards

Formed in 2012, Kanchan Daniel & The Beards describe their sound as ‘neo blues’, consisting of powerful vocals and electrifying music. The band includes Kanchan Daniel on the vocals, Kush Upadhyay on the lead/rhythm guitar, Mukesh Lobo on the keyboards, Anand Kamath on the bass and Varoon Aiyer on the drums/percussion.

5. Second Sight

Second Sight is an acoustic duo formed by musicians Anusha Ramasubramoney and Pushkar Srivatsal, at the Swarnabhoomi Music Academy in 2015. Anusha has a background in genres like jazz, soul and Indian classical, while Pushkar’s musical style ranges from electronica to blues to progressive rock. The sound of their music ranges from stripped down acoustic music to RnB/soul with a full fledged quintet. The scope of mixing and experimenting with completely different genres is what makes the sound of this duo quite unique.

6. Ape Echoes

Ape Echoes started out as a duo project between producers & multi-instrumentalists Nirmit Shah and Sid Shirodkar, and by 2017 had completed its quartet with the addition of drummer Sahil Shah and guitarist Harsh Gadhvi. The band frequently combines traditional acoustics with electronic instruments to create an immersive musical experience of sorts. Their range has varied from and influenced by crossover-jazz, electronica, noise, hip-hop, prog-rock, funk, and soul.

7. Nothing Anonymous

Nothing Anonymous is an up and coming electronic music duo of Nirmit and Ambika. Although their first original single released only by 2019, they had already stole a spot to perform at the 2018 Bacardi NH7 Weekender, a whole year before they released their own music. Their sound is a mix of the perfect amount of jazz with electronica.

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