If you are in Pune and any of these bands are playing, don’t miss them.

1. Agnee

They’re one of the most famous bands in the country. They were formed in 2007 and were signed by Sony BMG, one of the very few bands in India to have signed such a deal. Both hugely popular and critically acclaimed, Agnee is known for its hummable tunes, live wire performances and deeply-rooted Indian sound – with rock songs inspired by Kabir’s poetry, Vedic and Carnatic classical music.

2. Easy Wanderlings

A band that started out completely broke to the band that easy wanderlings is today, it has been quite the journey for them. They’re globally recognized for their soothing melody with a mix of soul, pop and folk influences.

“These are the types of tunes that will serve listeners well when they’re wishing to sit back and unwind at the end of a hard day.” – Pure M Magazine

3. Celestial Teapot

Formed in 2012, Celestial teapot describes their music as progressive rock. Influenced by pangea, they create music that reflects a side that is deeply introspective. They aim to create imagery with their music and let the listener build stories around it. A band that is capable to mesmerize audience without using lyrics or words basically sums them up.

4. Studmuffin

Starting off in a small attic of a welder’s shop, this band has progressed by leaps and bounds. Their  music is an amalgamation of influences brought in by the five members. They create the most appealing rock n roll music, keeping it simple though.

5. Rudraksh- the sufi rock band

A rare band which has been able to catch the appreciation of the younger and the older generation, Rudraksh is a band that fuses the heavy sound of rock music with the gentleness of sufi. A bunch of talented self taught musicians, they aim to revamp the sufi music with their style and so far they have been very successful.

6. Lambada

One of the most oldest and versatile bands in India, performing for over 20 years now, Lambada has over 2000 performances worldwide. With a self coined genre ‘Boundless infinity’, they compose music that transcends colour, age, caste and religion. Their music is inspired by anything and everything, be it the chirping of birds or the sound of a machine.

7. Pitch black symphony

PBS is a progressive rock band. They fuse various genres of music together to form their own original and fresh music. Their black clothing and dark appearance along with their name matches with their music and is enjoyed by the audience.

8. AbraXas

The first Pune band to win campus rock idol(CRI), Abraxes composes heavy rock music inspired by bands like heavy metal and iron maiden.  Distinguishable music backed by their aggressive live performances has helped them to captivate fans from all over the country. If you love heavy rock, this band should definitely be on your list.

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