Things to do in Kochi

Our curated Kochi guide to have a great weekend in the city! Please share, comment and let us know your feedback.

1. Attend a photography workshop

A full fledged, 2 day theoretical and practical photography workshop for amateurs and hobbyists is here in Kochi! Don’t miss this opportunity if you have the passion for photography and are looking for some tips on how to hone your skills.

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2. Kayaking in Panangad

Kochi is blesses with beautiful and calming backwaters and kayaking is one of the best way to explore it. Early morning and sunset are the ideal time for this activity. Sailing club in Panangad gives training from a certified instructor on how to kayak with a rescue boat and life jackets to ensure your safety. 

3. Try Catamaran Sail in Cherai

Catamaran Ride in Kochi

It sails under light to strong wind without any motoring power and its pure delight to sail in this. You will be sitting over a trampoline with the feel of scintillating cool breeze. Catamaran can charter and enjoy sailing with privacy, stability, speed and safety. It is using around the world for recreational sailing and racing. A perfect weekend getaway in Kerala. 

4. Watch Kathakali 

Kathakali is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world. It originated in the area of southwestern India now known as the state of Kerala. Kathakali is a group presentation, in which dancers take various roles in performances traditionally based on themes from Hindu mythology, especially the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.Kerala Kathakali Centre is one of the famous theatre in south India Conducting Daily Kathakali and other shows.

5. Indoor G-Karting

Go karting Kochi

Gear up the petrol-head in you and head to Speedway Kochi for a thrilling ride of karts in an indoor arena. 

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