Why Canada is the best place to migrate

Lately, Canada has become increasingly popular as a destination for people to relocate to for studies as well as employment. There are many reasons why Canada is fast-emerging as one of the most sought out destinations to migrate to, especially for Keralites. The high standard of living found in most Canadian cities is a major driver for people to move there.

Furthermore, Canada is one of the world’s most multicultural countries, with around 20% of its citizens being foreign-born. The diversity of Canada’s population makes the country very welcoming towards new immigrants. As per the 2015 Legatum Global Prosperity Index (Nov 2015), 92% of Canadians are tolerant towards ethnic minorities and the same percentage of Canadian residents believe “the country is a good place for immigrants”. Besides being immigrant-friendly, the country provides free basic healthcare to all its citizens and permanent residents. Canada is also a land of employment opportunities for skilled foreign workers who move there. There is a high requirement for foreign workers in Canadian companies to fill jobs in Canada in a range of high-demand occupations, due in large part to an ongoing labor shortage.

A move to Canada involves quite a lot of paperwork – filling out forms and sending in several applications. For many, this process can seem daunting and hence, they often seek out the help of consultancies to assist them through the process. This, however, can weigh heavily on your pocket. Maple Assistance’s Seminar on Canada Immigration and PR Process is a great experience that can educate you about how to get the ball rolling on your Canadian career. At a mere cost of Rs 300, you can learn how to go about with applying for your permanent residence permit and employment opportunities instead of spending hefty sums by seeking help from consultancies.

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